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Landscaping Services In New Paltz, Highland, & Kingston, NY

We provide full-service landscaping that includes new design and installation, as well as maintenance such as mulching, trimming, and annual flowers for residential and commercial properties.

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Landscaping design and installation, as well as landscape maintenance, in New Paltz, Highland, and Kingston, NY areas.

Serving both residential and commercial properties.

Boost your curb appeal this year with a professionally designed landscape that brings all the elements of design together to create a beautiful and unified exterior of your property! Landscaping design requires a creative eye and knowledge of local plants and popular trends to create a masterpiece.

At Cunningham Landscaping, we provide residential and commercial properties in New Paltz, Highland, and Kingston areas with top-quality landscape design and installation, along with landscaping maintenance services such as mulching and trimming..

New landscaping installation at a home in New Paltz, NY.

Designing & Planning New Landscape Projects

Creating your design starts with a consultation and property overview. We need to know the space we are working with and the goals and visions that you have. With every project we complete, we use these basic design elements to create a unified landscaping project.

  1. Focal Point: The strongest element in a design is the focal point. This spot is usually comprised of a variety of plants, colors, and hardscaping. It should be where your eye travels first when looking at the entire landscaping design.
  2. Balance: Balance is either symmetrical or asymmetrical. Designs can be abstract and informal or be mirrored and balanced.
  3. Proportion: The plant choice should be proportionate to each other, especially as they grow, as well as to your home or building.

We provide detailed drawings of your design prior to installation. This includes choosing all of your landscaping elements, such as plants, flowers, trees, bushes, shrubs, your landscaping bed layouts, and mulch or rock. Once we finalize your design and have approval, we can choose an installation date and get you one-step closer to your finished look!

Installing Your Landscape Design

From start to finish, our landscapers handle your entire project! First, we prepare your property by removing any existing elements that will not be staying. After that, hardscaping elements are constructed and put in place (if they are part of your design). Next, we start laying out the landscaping based on your approved custom design. Once your landscaping beds are created, we start planting the shrubs, flowers, trees, and other plants. Then, we finish it off with your choice of mulch or rock ground cover.

Newly trimmed landscaping at a residential property in Highland, NY.

Landscaping Maintenance - Mulch, Trimming, & Annual Flowers

We offer landscaping maintenance services for projects we've installed and ones we didn't. To keep your lawn and landscaping looking great, it requires more than just standard lawn mowing. Our landscaping maintenance services include:

  • Annual mulching or bi-annual rock refreshments
  • Trimming and pruning of shrubs, hedges, and small trees
  • Annual flower plantings to add seasonal color to your existing landscape.

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If you're located in New Paltz, NY, or surrounding areas near Highland and Kingston, give us a call at (845) 905-5086 for all of your landscaping needs. We are servicing both residential and commercial properties.

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