Blowing leaves for a residential fall yard clean up in New Paltz, NY.

Spring & Fall Yard Cleanups In New Paltz, Highland, & Kingston, NY

Spring and fall yard cleanups including leaf removal, landscape trimming, weeding of beds, mulching, and aeration for residential and commercial properties.

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Providing spring and fall yard cleanups for homeowners and businesses in New Paltz, Highland, and Kingston, NY.

Leaf Removal, Landscape Trimming, Weeding, & More!

Spring and fall cleanups are a necessary maintenance for your property that helps maintain its health and beauty. While regular mowing and maintenance services do a great job throughout the major growing seasons, there are additional tasks needed during the spring and fall seasons. Major services include leaf removal, trimming of landscaping, weeding of beds, and much more.

Seasonal cleanups are not just for homeowners, but are also important for local businesses. We are currently serving both residential and commercial properties in New Paltz, NY, and surrounding areas such as Highland and Kingston. At Cunningham Landscaping our professionals tackle everything on your exterior property to prep it for the seasons to come. Cleanups are essential to the well-being of your lawn and go a step beyond regular mowing and maintenance services.

Spring landscape trimming at a park in Highland, NY.

Spring Cleanups

As your lawn wakes up from its winter dormancy, it is in need of some serious TLC! Around late April or early May, we set out to do our local spring cleanups. The most common services performed during spring yard cleanups include:

  • First mowing, weed-eating, and edging session for the year.
  • Trimming and pruning on non-flowering shrubs and plants.
  • Weeding of landscape beds.
  • Remove debris such as fallen branches and remaining leaves left over from winter.
  • Reshaping of your landscaping beds, creating sharp edges.
  • Installation of new mulch or rock ground covers.

Installing or Refreshing Mulch & Rock

Springtime is the perfect time to spread new mulch or rock on your property. As a rule of thumb, mulch is refreshed yearly, while rock is refreshed every other year. Around the New Paltz area, you will find a variety of mulch and rock styles, but some popular choices are:

  • Oak Bark Mulch
  • Dyed Mulch
  • Hardwood Mulch
  • Blue Stone gravel
  • Pea gravel

Cunningham Landscaping re-mulching a landscaping bed at a home in Highland, NY.

Fall Cleanups

It is time to prepare your lawn and landscaping for winter dormancy! Mowing season is coming to an end and it's time to prepare your property for winter. The most common services we perform for fall yard cleanups include:

  • Leaf removal and cleaning out the beds.
  • Final mowing, weed-eating, and edging of the grass.
  • Trimming and pruning of all plants, shrubs, and small trees.
  • Pulling of any weeds that grew through the summer.
  • Reshaping the landscape beds.
  • Core aeration and dethatching.

Leaf Removal Services

The biggest task we perform during your fall cleanup is leaf removal services. To do this, we'll use leaf blowers, rakes, and our vaccuum truck to pick up all leaves on your property. Your lawn needs to be able to breathe and get sunlight to go through the phases of photosynthesis. Without proper oxygen, light, and moisture, your lawn will slowly begin to die. Failure to remove leaves from your property can cause the following issues:

  • Smothers the grass preventing it from obtaining needed nutrients.
  • Creates an environment for mold and disease to grow.
  • Invites an infestation of unwanted pests.

Fall leaf cleanup and leaf removal services at a home in Kingston, NY.

Aeration & Dethatching

Prior to winter, it is important to aerate and dethatch your lawn, leaving it in its healthiest state possible before the cold sets in. Performing these tasks in the fall will also help your lawn better recover in the spring.

Dethatching is done with a specialized rake and designed to slice vertically into the lawn and rake up. Thatch removal is necessary because it stimulates the roots, gets moisture further into the ground, and alleviates that mat of thatch that has built up over time. Thatch is detrimental to the overall health of your lawn.

Core aeration is a process of punching holes into the soil. This process allows oxygen, water, and nutrients enter the soil and nurture the roots of your turf. This also helps loosen packed soil and decrease thatch. It is always important to dethatch first and then aerate the lawn.

Dethatching a lawn at a property in Kingston, NY.

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